Alliansloppet SWE 26.08.2017 - Euroloppet opening 2018 with Roller skiing festival

Euroloppet start in Trollhättan in Sweden in the summer! 


It’s a great feeling to take part in a “ski marathon” event in the middle of the summer.
Everybody will be there – and “snow will be assured”!

The area around Trollhättan, a nice small town

 in the south of Sweden, is the perfect

place for a roller skiing competition.

Perfect organization and a lot of spectators,

who all love ski marathons, will make

this race an lasting impression.

Only training rollers are used in classic

technique. The elite (about 200

racers) will be equipped with equal roller skis.

All the others run with own

equipment and have a lot of fun. Varied terrain

and trail with ascents and slopes can be run

without problems. The elite “push” the

inclines. The majority, the popular sports persons,

however, you can see in diagonal walking

climbing up the hills, in the second lap

at latest. At start there are blocks with

different take-off times according

to the different distances.

Everything runs completely calm, how it’s typical for Sweden.

There are three distances to choose, 16 km, 32 km or 48 km.

There are 10 starting blocks. Euroloppet Passport holder starts in the 5th starting block at least. A better block one can get with a proof of his performance.


The journey is uncomplicated and comfortable.


Göteborg - and then with a rental car on the motorway ca. 60 min. to Trollhättan.
(The price for a rental car is affordable in Sweden) 

With the car:

It is also possible to drive by the overland route to Trollhättan. A fantastic journey through Denmark and the South of Sweden! From Hamburg it’s a journey of 9 hours.  

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